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2012 news releases

Terrace Energy Announces Third Quarter Results

Vancouver, B.C., December 31, 2012 Terrace Energy Corp. (TSXV: “TZR”) (the "Company" or "Terrace") is pleased to announce its financial and operating results for the third quarter ended October 31, 2012.

The Company’s interim financial statements and management discussion and analysis for the three and nine months ended October 31, 2012 is available for viewing at www.sedar.com and on the Company’s website at www.terraceenergy.net.

Third Quarter Achievements

  • The Company completed and placed into production, on or about October 17, 2012, two new prospective wells (SP5 #1 and SP5 #2) on its STS Olmos project. The Company’s share of oil and gas sales from these wells for the 14 days ended October 31, 2012 was approximately US$225,000. The successful completion of these wells confirmed that the Olmos formation extends over 5 miles from the initial discovery well (STS 1-667). The Company has a 33% working interest and 25% net revenue interest in the two new wells.
  • The Company successfully developed a pipeline of new prospective oil and gas projects. The Company’s technical team completed initial due diligence on several of such projects during the quarter and, subsequent to October 31, 2012, the Company successfully negotiated and was granted an option to acquire an 82% working interest and a 65.6% net revenue interest in the development of mineral leases that cover approximately 15,000 net acres in Finney County, Kansas. Such leases include the right to explore and exploit the coveted Mississippi Lime Formation. (see the Company’s press release dated December 21, 2012 for full details).

Third Quarter Highlights

  • Total revenues from oil and gas sales for the quarter and for the nine months were approximately $332,000 and $1,090,000 respectively.
  • The net loss for the quarter was approximately $212,000, after the deduction of non-cash expenses in the aggregate amount of $245,000.
  • The net loss for the nine months was approximately $240,000, after the deduction of non-cash expenses of $390,000.
  • The Company’s aggregate share of production from all three of its wells for the nine months ended October 31, 2012 was approximately 10,492 barrels of oil and liquids at an average price of USD $96.59 per barrel and 9.7 million cubic feet of natural gas at an average price USD $2.64 per million cubic feet. STS 1-667 operated for 265 days during the period and SP5 #1 and SP5 #2 operated for approximately 14 days.

Other Matters
Two prospective wells on the Company’s Cutlass project were drilled to targeted vertical depths and a horizontal leg was completed on one of the wells during the second quarter. The Company is pleased with the technical information gathered to-date. The project operator has developed a fracture stimulation plan for one of the wells, which has now been scheduled for the first quarter of 2013.

Eric Boehnke, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer commented: “We are very pleased with the success of the STS Olmos project to-date and with our team’s ability to generate new very prospective projects for future development. We are looking forward to placing the near completed well on the Cutlass project into production as soon as practical and further developing the potential of the field.”

Financial Summary

The Company generated oil and gas revenues of $332,000 and a loss of $212,000 ($0.00 per share) and revenues of $1,090,000 and a loss of $240,000 ($0.00 per share) for the three and nine months ended October 31, 2012 respectively.

As at October 31, 2012:    

Exploration and evaluation assets
Property and equipment
Total assets
Total Liabilities
Total Equity


It is expected that production volumes from the Company’s first well (STS 1-667) will remain stabilized over the next several quarters. The Company’s second and third wells (SP5 #1 and SP5 #2) will continue to generate flush production during the fourth quarter before experiencing a normalized decline in production volumes. The Company is finalizing its 2013 development schedule for the STS project with its operating partner. The Company expects to complete and bring into production one well on its Cutlass project during the first quarter of 2013. The Company’s additional development plans, which are presently being considered, are dependent upon its ability to generate profitable cash flow from operations and secure additional capital as required, neither of which is assured.

About Terrace Energy

Terrace Energy is an oil & gas development stage company that is focused on unconventional oil extraction in onshore areas of the United States. It currently has non-operating investments in two principal properties situated in Texas with targets in the "Olmos" and "Eagle Ford" formations and an option to acquire and develop, as operator, targets in the “Mississippi Lime” formation.

Eric Boehnke, Chief Executive Officer

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Forward-Looking Information:

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